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Our Loyalty system is simple and does all the work for you. The Loyalty system keeps track of your purchase history and applies you with a discount at checkout; that is applied to just about every product in our store with the exceptions of our P500 Pre-Orders.  This discount is visible right at checkout, and you never need to do anything. As you purchase more products over time, your discount will increase giving you even larger discounts. Your discount is made based on your purchases over time and NOT the amount that is in your cart. Your loyalty to Lock 'n Load Publishing is working for you NOW and every purchase going forward. 


The Loyalty discount is reset if no purchases are made on an account in the last twelve months.  Do to COVID-19 extended this period to twenty four months into 2021.  It's just one of the ways Lock 'n Load Publishing is saying thank you for your support.


Revised: April 18, 2022




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